Accounting Intelligence for Firms and Clients

OUR VISIONLeading The Future of financial services with innovation, integrity, and impact.

Great Teams
Exceptional teams enable outstanding service, fostering a culture of trust and shared success.

Focus on Customers
Relentless customer focus ensures we deliver exceptional personalized services that meet the highest standard.
Best-in-Class Software
Modern software lays the foundation for innovation, enhancing quality, driving efficiency, and delivering superior results.
AI-Powered Solutions
At the cutting edge of business innovation, our AI-powered tools deliver tangible benefit that delight users and fuel growth.

How We Operate

  • Find Great Partners
  • Invest in Growth
  • Innovate as Needed

Find Great Partners

  • We identify and acquire established accounting firms that show promise and potential. By providing these firms with resources, tools, and strategic guidance we help them scale, thrive and continue delivering exceptional service.

Invest in Growth

  • We invest in growth by building on best-in-class solutions. A modern software stack combined with best practices – learned through experience – set us up to leverage leading-edge tools that improve efficiency, and increase client satisfaction.

Innovate as Needed

  • Count Technologies has an in-house tech team that is dedicated to developing our own AI-powered solutions for our employees and clients. We are continually researching and developing new technology to help our partners stay ahead of the AI adoption curve.

Our Leadership Team

Rohit Chande

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Eric Rachlin

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Matt Loper

Chief Scientist & Co-Founder

Blair Johnson

Chief Administrative Officer

Tony Cord

Head of Corporate Development

Ryan Young

Head of Business Transformation

Why Count?

Innovative AI Solutions

Showcase your cutting-edge AI-driven tools designed to streamline and enhance accounting processes. Highlight how your technology brings innovation and efficiency, setting accounting firms ahead of the competition.

Boosted Efficiency and Productivity

Emphasize how your solutions significantly improve workflow efficiency, allowing accounting firms to handle tasks more swiftly and accurately. Provide concrete examples or case studies demonstrating increased productivity.

Profitability Enhancement

Illustrate how the integration of your AI tools can positively impact the bottom line by reducing operational costs and increasing profitability. Quantify potential financial benefits based on past successes or industry standards.

Scalability for Growth

Explain how your solutions are scalable, accommodating the growth and evolving needs of accounting firms. Illustrate how the technology can adapt to handle increased workloads without compromising performance.

Comprehensive Support and Training

Highlight the robust support and training programs your company offers to ensure a seamless transition for accounting firms. Showcase any resources available to help them maximize the benefits of your technology.

Data Security and Compliance

Address concerns related to data security and regulatory compliance. Outline the measures your company takes to ensure the highest standards of data protection and adherence to industry regulations.

Competitive Edge

Position your partnership as a strategic move to gain a competitive advantage. Illustrate how the adoption of your AI solutions positions accounting firms as industry leaders in embracing technological advancements.

Customized Solutions

Showcase the flexibility of your solutions, emphasizing the ability to tailor them to meet the unique needs and workflows of different accounting firms. Provide examples of successful customizations for similar clients.

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